Callie Little

Callie Little

Writer and sex educator.

Editorial assistant at Seattle magazine. Writer. Beats: personal essay, sex education, lifestyle. Work with me:

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The A Spot

Move over, G spot! How to access the lesser known Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone, AKA the A spot.

Sexting: A Modern-Day Love Letter

Dos and don'ts for crafting your hottest sext yet. One big don't? Including Nicolas Cage.

How to Introduce Sex Toys to Your Relationship and the Bedroom

Bringing a vibrator home for the first time can be intimidating! Here's how to ensure a happy homecoming.

Kinks vs. Fetishes

An introduction to the differences between kinks and fetishes.

Tips For Giving (And Getting!) Excellent Head

Oral sex tips for givers and receivers of all genders.

Roleplay for Beginners

Slip in something sexy and a whole new you.

The Condom Broke! Now What?

A step by step guide to handling condom breakage.

Here's The Rub: Massage Candles

Hot wax? No way! These gentle waxes are meant for sensual fun, not trips to the burn unit.

Sexy Accessories For One Night Stands

What to bring to your hookup.