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Writer and sex educator.

Writer. Beats: health, science, personal essay, sex education, lifestyle. Work with me:

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Seattleite Dennis Schatz is the Ultimate Eclipse Chaser

Award-winning science educator and author Dennis Schatz has been waiting decades for the next total solar eclipse in the United States.

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The Final Word On What You Can Catch From Oral Sex

The internet is a breeding ground for medical misinformation. Articles sneakily pop up––and often go viral. Here's what you need to know about STIs and blowies.

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The Magic School Bus’ Miss Frizzle is a Queer Legacy

Miss Frizzle, Lily Tomlin, and Kate McKinnon make for a trio of queer heroes in The Magic School Bus.

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Wild, Weird and Perfectly Normal Solar Eclipse Viewing Options, Still Available

Here are some of the most interesting events that still have space for last minute bookings and a few tips for the big day.

Tech for long distance relationships article
She Knows

The Tech You Need to Keep That Long-Distance Relationship Hot

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but what about the genitals?

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I Didn't Invite My Mother to My Wedding, and I Don't Regret It

Original publication of an essay exploring the difficult decision to exclude my dying mother from my wedding.

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How Weed Can Supercharge Your Sex Life

Cannabis Futurist Chelsea Cebara talks about why cannabis is so good at making sex so much better.

Open uri20161209 28858 lh4med article

The Rise Of The Male Makeup Master And The Strange Power Of Artifice

Men joining the mainstream makeup fray surface complicated questions....

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Gallery Alley

It’s a treasure hidden in plain sight: the Belltown Corridor, an alleyway turned permanent installation.

Seattle parking article

Seattle Drivers Spend 58 Hours Per Year Finding Parking

There are way cooler things you could be doing with all that time and money

Cinerama 1 article

Cinema in Style: Seattle's Top Theaters

These days, cinephiles expect more than a creaky seat and stale popcorn, and luckily, some movie houses have upped their game.

Molly moon pic article

We Tried All of Molly Moon's New Summer Flavors and These Are The Best

Arnold Palmer sorbet, vegan sweet mint, and... blue corn chocolate chip? Delicious!

1492204791883 highsex article

Is High Sex Better Than Drunk Sex?

I had to ask: *Is* the grass truly greener on the cannabis side?

Circus therapist 662 article

Mental Acrobatics: Amber Parker is Changing How We View Mental Health

"More than any astounding feat of strength or athleticism, I really believe that the greatest tradition in the circus is helping people through the journey of becoming themselves.” From the print edition.

0617 voicesofcd1 article

Documenting the Central District’s Legacy—Before It’s Gone

It’s no secret that gentrification has encroached on the Central District (CD), once home to much of Seattle’s African-American population. From the print edition.